Venice becomes the front line in the battle against overtourism

Venice, Italy. Photograph: © SAF — Coastal Care


Many Venetians believe that everyone should have a chance to experience the beauty of their city, but say that a constant swell of tourists is ruining the experience for everyone.

Cruise ships have caused significant environmental damage to the city’s waterways and lagoons, sometimes colliding with other vessels…

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Venice Fights Back; City Lab (02-10-2017)
The world’s most beautiful city has never been more threatened. But a passionate movement of locals is determined to keep it alive. Groaning under the weight of 30 million annual visitors, this most beautiful of places is suffering a degree of pressure that risks pushing it to extinction as a real city…

UN threatens to place Venice on endangered list unless Italy bans cruise ships; The Telegraph (07-15-2016)
Venice will be placed on Unesco’s list of endangered heritage sites if Italy fails to ban giant cruise ships from the city’s lagoon by 2017, the United Nations has warned.The world heritage committee has expressed “extreme concern” about the deteriorating state of the lagoon and approved a resolution demanding that Venice moves towards the “prohibition of the largest ships and tankers” by February 2017…

Italy’s cruise numbers expected to drop in 2017; Seatrade (03-15-2017)
After two years of growth and stability, 2017 will see a figure well below 11 million. Traffic will fall at more than half of Italy’s top 10 ports, and in some cases the drop will be significant. After losing its third place in the Mediterranean’s top 10, Venice could drop from fourth to fifth position.

Venice Is Fed Up With Cruise Ships And Angry Protesters Are Blocking Them; Forbes (09-29-2016)
World famous for its canals and gondolas, Venice is a major destination for Mediterranean cruises. More than 600 big ships pass through the Giudecca Canal each year, ferrying millions of passengers…

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Monster Cruise Ships in Venice: An Art Exhibit Censored; Italy; (08-25-2015)
The world acclaimed italian photographer Gianni Berengo’s artwork was about to be featured this Fall at the Palazzo Duccale in Venice. The exhibition titled “Mostri a Venezia”- Monsters in Venice, was to present 27 photographs depicting how giant-sized cruise ships have taken over the famed italian city. But in a surprising last minute decision, Venice’s Mayor cancelled the exhibit…