Twin bomb cyclones to merge into one of strongest-ever storms in North Atlantic

Atlantic storm battering Brittany’s coast, France. Photo source: ©© Cecile Nouail


A potentially unprecedented scenario is unfolding in the North Atlantic on Friday, as a bomb cyclone batters Iceland with hurricane-force winds and blizzard conditions, just as another bomb cyclone, known as Storm Dennis, rapidly intensifies behind it…

Read Full Article; The Washington Post (02-14-2020)

Bomb Cyclone Storm Dennis Could Rival Some of the Most Intense North Atlantic Storms on Record; Weather Channel (02-14-2020)
A powerful cyclone is combining forces with another intense storm currently pounding Iceland and Greenland, bringing extreme waves and hurricane force winds. This storm will take aim at northwestern Europe this weekend, just days after Storm Ciara pounded several countries…

What is a bomb cyclone? AcuWeather (10-16-2019)

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