Is pumping more sand onto NC beaches causing deadly currents?

A growing number of scientists and coastal engineers worry that there’s a serious downside to beach nourishment: Unnaturally altered beaches could pose an elevated risk of injury to the very tourists that sand replenishment was meant to attract.

Can Adding Sand to Beaches Save Them?

The question is, can beach nourishment keep up with the ever-increasing forces of climate change or, like Sisyphus forever pushing his boulder up the hill, is adding sand to beaches an expensive, temporary fix to a long-term problem?

Though wealthy, Jupiter Island gets $8.6M for beach repair from FEMA

Jupiter Island, a well-heeled seaside enclave where home values average $4.97 million, was awarded $8.6 million in federal emergency money for beach re-nourishment following a beating by 2016’s Hurricane Matthew. FEMA has obligated more than $233 million for Florida beach projects under the program.

Illegal beach scraping practices in Florida

Four beachfront homeowners are receiving warnings from state for removing sand from beach with machinery to create a “small frontal dune at the base of the original eroded dune.” The practice of ‘beach scraping’ was common during the early part of the 1900s, but improper practices eventually led to state regulation.