This artist gets up to her neck in water to spread awareness of climate change – NPR

View out to Sea, Portugal © 2015 Deepika Shrestha Ross

Sarah Cameron Sunde, an interdisciplinary artist, was visiting Maine in 2013…The tides struck her as the perfect metaphor for sea level rise…Three days later… she returned… for a “durational performance.” Sunde began standing at the edge of the water at low tide, and, in front of other artists from the retreat she had been attending, she continued to stand until the water rose up to her neck. She stayed until the next low tide, nearly 13 hours total.

Interview: Manufactured Beauty and Default Photographs – Lens Culture

A young man views one of Anastasia Samoylova's photos at the Deutsche Börse exhibition at the Photographers' Gallery in London, 2022 (by Garry Knight CC BY 2.0 via Flickr).

“I want to immerse the viewer within the daily happenings of the environment I am depicting. It might not always be flooded, but you see the indicators of fragility and vulnerability… It’s important that people learn to read and interpret all types of images for themselves, rather than relying on a National Geographic report.” – Anastasia Samoylova

Sea-level variability to increase with ocean warming

A global tendency for future sea levels to become more variable this century as oceans warm, due to increasing greenhouse gas emissions was identified by a team of researchers at the University of Hawaiʻi.