New Global Warming Culprit: Dams

Elwha River Dam, the largest dam removal project ever attempted in the U.S, 2011. Photograph: © SAF


Washington State University researchers have documented an underappreciated suite of players in global warming: dams, the water reservoirs behind them, and surges of greenhouse gases as water levels go up and down…

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On The Elwha, A New Life When The Dam Breaks, The Smithsonian
Nobody figured the largest dam removal project ever attempted in the U.S. was going to be easy, or fast.The nation’s largest and most ambitious dam removal happened in 2011, when workers started demolishing two antique dams on Washington state’s Elwha River…

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A look is taken at some of the world’s most contentious dam projects, from the Three Gorges in China to Brazil’s Belo Monte dam.

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The Aysén region of Chilean Patagonia is threatened by a plan to build five dams on the Baker and the Pascua rivers, two of the wildest in the world.