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Supreme Court Asked to Halt Black Sand Mining, Philippines

Black shore, Philippines. Photo source: ©© Storm Cryt


Public officials and concerned citizens filed with the Supreme Court to issue a writ against a mining project to extract magnetite ore, black sand, claiming its legitimacy is suspect and the residents living near the coastline fear they will be displaced and the mine will cause saltwater flooding, soil erosion and landslides.

Petitioners claimed that the coastal areas experienced “massive and worsening erosions and shoreline retreat since 2010,” by around 150 meters from 2011 to 2012, and 100 meters from Jan. to Feb. this year in the northern regions.

Magnetite or locally termed ‘black sand,’ is an “important mineral that keep sand particles heavier and more compressed” thus serving as a natural barrier of land surfaces and fresh water deposits from seawater and ensures that seawater is at a lever lower than land surface area…

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Mining Black Sand, Philippines

Former Sand Mining Site Being Considered for up to 2000 Homes, New South Wales

Cronulla Dunes, Kurnell Peninsula, New South Wales, Australia. The Kurnell sand dune system is estimated to be about 15,000 years old. It was formed when the sea reached its present level and began to stabilise, between 9000 and 6000 BC. The sand hills of Kurnell possess historical, cultural, scientific and natural significance as a place of early European contact with the Gweagal Aborigines. Sand mining on the Kurnell peninsula has depleted the area of much of the sand that was originally there. It has been said that 40 metre deep pools now form in the dunes. Pools are clearly visible in view from Google Earth. The remaining sand dune is used as a recreational off-road area for 4 wheel drives… Captions: Wikipedia. Photo source: ©© Adam J.W.C


A former sand mining site on the Kurnell peninsula, which takes in Sydney’s only privately-owned beach at Boat Harbour, is being considered for housing.

Reasons given for the site unsuitability included proximity to Sydney Airport flight path, potential impact of sea level rise, hazard risk associated with the Caltex Oil Refinery and the presence of important biodiversity corridors that would limit the amount of land available for housing.

Warwick Kent, a Cronulla Dunes and Wetlands Protection Alliance member, said it would be ‘‘a disaster’’ if the site became housing, “the frontal dunes on that beautiful beach would be decimated…’’

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Newspaper Editor Charged For Sand Mining

La Sagesse, beach erosion, Grenada. Sand mining in Grenada has been identified as one of the main contributing factors to beach degradation. Photo source: ©© shaggyshoo


Newspaper Editor, George Worme, who has used his newspaper to expose what he sees as corruption in Grenada, has been arrested and charged for stealing sand, police have said.

Under Grenadian law it is illegal to extract sand from the beaches and such a crime carries a penalty of EC$15,000 (US$5,555) or two years in prison…

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Grenada Beach Sand Mining, Unesco
Sand mining in Grenada has been identified as one of the main contributing factors to beach degradation. Beach sand accounts for 100% of the fine aggregate used for construction purposes. In recent years rapid growth in tourism, building of private homes and businesses and the laying down of new agricultural roads have generated a marked increase in the demand for beach sand…

Lagos ready to battle illegal sand miners, Nigeria

Nigeria, sand collectors. Captions and Photo source: ©© Jeremey Weate


The Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola, on Tuesday said the government had no choice but to wage “serious war” against illegal sand miners in the state…

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Nigeria: Coastline Erosion, Sand Mining Threat to Lagos, All’Africa

Sand Mining In Badagry Suspended Due To Environmental Degradation
Governor Fashola of Lagos State has ordered the suspension of all forms of surface sand mining in Badagry area of Lagos, southwest Nigeria, as a result of environmental degradation. The suspension is sequel to a petition written by a resident in Badagry.

Sand mining damages Nigeria’s shoreline; Al Jazeera Youtube Video (09-03-2014)

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Sand Mining Throughout Coastal Liberia

The return of the sand collector. Captions and Photo source: ©© Jeremy Weate


Sand Mining: Do We Want a Repeat of Buchanan Throughout Coastal Liberia?

“The city of Buchanan, Liberia, is gradually being swept away by sea erosion; and if nothing is done about it, Buchanan will one day be nothing but a memory. The government, through its Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy (LM&E), should do a comprehensive study of that situation and make recommendations as to how the city can be saved before it is too late.

But there is an even more serious matter that should claim the urgent attention of the LM&E. It is the issue of sand mining in Monrovia and its environs.

In an article entitled “The Effects of Sand Mining on the Liberian Coast,” Liberian Observer environmental columnist, warned that the government might be “compelled to spend millions of dollars to combat sea erosion if care is not taken.” As much as sand is needed to meet human needs, it requires “efficient and effective resource management to ensure sustainable development.”

The article called for the collective effort of policy makers, sand contractors, engineers, traditional rulers and local residents to find a preventive solution to what the author called “the impending environmental danger.”

All stakeholders, said the author, have to ensure that sand mining “is conducted in a responsible manner.” The reason: depletion of sand in the streambed and along coastal areas causes the deepening of rivers and estuaries (wide tidal mouths of rivers).

Uncontrollable sand mining could also lead to salt water intrusion inland. More over, and perhaps even more dangerous, uncontrolled sand mining could affect the sea level rise…”

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Unabated Illegal sand Mining And The Danger it Poses

Land Lost to Sand Dredging

Sand Barges, Mekong. Photo source: ©© Mobyhill


Cambodia has struggled with the environmental cost of sand mining from its rivers, as private businesses get licenses from local government to dig up sand from riverbeds and use it for commercial projects.

Villagers who live along the banks of the Mekong River in Cambodia’s eastern Kampong Cham province, say that the land on which their houses are built is collapsing into the river because of the dredging.

Cambodia has grappled with the environmental cost of sand dredging for years.

A 2010 report from the U.K. and U.S. based environmental group Global Witness estimated that some some 796,000 tons of sand per month were dug up in Koh Kong province alone, including in protected wildlife areas…

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Sand For Sale: Environment Ravages, Denis D. Gray
Round a bend in Cambodia’s Tatai River and the virtual silence of a tropical idyll turns suddenly into an industrial nightmare. Lush jungle hills give way to a flotilla of dredgers operating 24 hours a day, scooping up sand and piling it onto ocean-bound barges. The churned-up waters and fuel discharges, villagers say, have decimated the fish so vital to their livelihoods. Riverbanks are beginning to collapse, and the din and pollution are killing a promising ecotourism industry…

Illegal Dredging Causes Major Problems, Vietnam

Vietnam, sand dredgers. Photo source: ©© t-dawg


Unchecked and illegal sand dredging have been attributed to severe landslide on March 21, that washed away three houses into the Dong Nai River, in the South Central Coastal region of Vietnam.

“The agencies are investigating the cause of frequent landslides along the banks of the Dong Nai River, but with over 10 companies involved in sand dredging in the area, the possibility of it being sole cause of recurring landslides is very high..”

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