Photo of the Month

Miami City’s Skyline, Through the Reflex System of a Camera ; By Marc Martinez Sarrado

By © Marc Martinez Sarrado

“This picture was taken off the coast of Miami Beach, Miami, FL. This view of Miami skyline is only possible from the sea. I was invited to shoot aboard a dredging ship, who’s pumping sand from the bottom of the sea, to be used to re-nourish the eroding beaches of Miami.

Erosion is causing serious damages to this coastal area, both economically and environmentally. Local authorities are convinced that beach replenishment is a short term solution…

Meanwhile, the marine environment keeps on increasingly suffering from the constant assaults of sand dredging, triggering even greater coastal erosion.

This vantage point of Miami reveals the fragility of the city, surrounded by rising waters… like a permanent menace.

For this photograph, I used my small camera, Canon S95, shooting towards the reflex system of my Canon 5D Mark II.”