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Freedom Breach, Maui; By Pasha Reshikov



By © Pasha Reshikov

“I took this shot while on a sailboat off the west side of Maui Island in Hawaii this past winter. During the winter, North Pacific Humpback Whales migrate all the way from Alaska to mate, give birth and prepare the young ones for the journey back cross the Pacific to feed in Alaska in the summers. Maui’s west coast provides warm and shallow waters which makes it ideal for whales offsprings.

While on the boat I saw many breaches and I was amazed by how “easily” and gracefully a creature that weighs over a ton can propel itself out of the water into the air with just few strokes. There was so much playfulness, power and freedom in it, I wanted to capture and share that moment with others and that’s how “Freedom Breach” came about!”

Note: “I am currently fundraising to make short films similar to “Mana Kai”, to raise awareness about various ocean plastic pollution issues, and all sales from “Freedom Breach” prints go directly to fund that. If you are interested in a print please contact me directly.” —Pasha Reshikov

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