A Tale of Two Cities: Miami, New York and Life on the Edge

NYC. Photograph: © SAF — Coastal Care


Walking along the waterfront in Fort Lauderdale and admiring the 60-foot yachts docked alongside impressive homes, it’s hard to imagine that this city could suffer the same financial fate as Detroit.

But it is almost as hard to imagine how they will avoid a similar crisis given the sea level rise predicted by scientists…

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From Coast To Coast, Vanity Fair (07-23-2013)
At opposite ends of the country, two of America’s most golden coastal enclaves are waging the same desperate battle against erosion…

Goodbye, Miami, RollingStone (06-21-2013)

Rising Seas Will Affect Major U.S. Coastal Cities by 2100, University Of Arizona (02-16-2011)

Too Big to Flood? Megacities Face Future of Major Storm Risk, Yale E360 (01-12-2013)
As economic activity and populations continue to expand in coastal urban areas, particularly in Asia, hundreds of trillions of dollars of infrastructure, industrial and office buildings, and homes are increasingly at risk from intensifying storms and rising sea levels…

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