Kiwi graves disappearing off cliffs in Rarotonga ‘like no one cares’

Ratatonga, cemetery erosion.


A cemetery in the Pacific nation literally washing away, and the Cook Islands government is refusing to do anything about it…

Watch News Video, TVNZ

Cooks government ready to deal with vulnerable cemetery, Radio NZ (02-22-2016)
The Cook Islands government says work on a retaining wall that will protect a cemetery from losing more graves to the sea is going to start immediately…

Rising Seas Wash Dead Away from Marshall Islands Graves, Guardian UK (06-06-2014)

Cemeteries in the Sea; By William J. Neal & Orrin H. Pilkey
Cemeteries by the sea are silent sentinels. Like lighthouses and coastal fortifications, they bear dates of former times when they were on high and dry land…

Voices From the South Pacific, Video (uploaded 11-19-2010)
UNDP produced a film about the reality of climate change in the Pacific island of Kiribati. The film clearly shows how people’s lives are being affected right now by rising sea waters…

“We Are Fighting For Survival,” Pacific Islands Leader Warns, Guardian UK (08-31-2013)

Escaping the Waves: a Fijian Village Relocates, a Video (10-03-2015)
“When many understand climate change in concept but not through personal experience, this exhibit carries great weight…”

Fiji becomes first country in the world to ratify Paris agreement, Guardian UK (02-15-2016)