Small offshore oil spills put seabirds at risk

Oil-stained Western Gull. Captions and Photo source: ©© MJ


Chronic pollution from many small oil spills may have greater population-level impacts on seabirds than a single large spill, suggest researchers…

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Plastic pollution: Another Threat For Seabirds, Science Daily (05-19-2014)
Plastic pollution is known to be a threat for marine ecosystems around the world, but it has not been much studied yet. This study is the first assessment of plastic ingestion in Mediterranean seabirds. The Mediterranean Sea has been recognized as a singularly sensitive ecosystem because its coast is very industrialized…

Toxins From Plastic Pollution Impacting Health Of Seabirds; ABC News Australia (09-25-2014)
Plastic pollution is having a greater impact on seabirds than previously thought, scientists say…

Delayed Effects of Oil Spill Compromise Long-Term Fish Survival, NOAA (09-09-2015)
A new study concludes that the impacts of the Exxon Valdez spill on nearshore spawning populations of fish are likely to have been considerably underestimated in terms of both the geographic extent of affected habitat and the lingering toxicity of low levels of oil…

Gulf of Mexico perinatal dolphin deaths likely result of oil exposure, NOAA (04-12-2016)

When You Drill, You Spill; Huffington Green (05-27-2015)
The 2015 Santa Barbara County oil spill reiterates what we already know: We can’t extract oil and transport it without putting our beaches, wildlife, and coastal communities at risk. The sad fact is, when you drill, you spill.