Coastal erosion poses multibillion-dollar risk to Baton Rouge economy, LSU study says

Louisiana. Photo source: ©© Katie Elaine Armstrong


While Baton Rouge is not on the “front lines” of Louisiana’s coastal land loss crisis, billions of dollars worth of economic activity are at risk for the city as the Gulf of Mexico continues to swallow wetlands, which are key storm buffers along the coast, according to a new LSU study released on March 22nd, 2017…

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Rising water is swallowing up the Louisiana coastline: the $50 billion battle plan; CBS News (01-18-2017)
The geography of the Louisiana coastline is quickly changing. A state-commissioned report predicts rising water could swallow more land along the Gulf of Mexico, if nothing is done to address damage caused by climate change and commercial activity. A new master plan of 2017 calls for an investment of more than $50 billion over 50 years…

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