How rising seas and coastal storms drowned the U.S. flood insurance program

Photograph courtesy of: © William Neal, Orrin Pilkey & Norma Longo.


Sea level rise and more severe storms are overwhelming U.S. coastal communities, causing billions of dollars in damage and essentially bankrupting the federal flood insurance program. Yet rebuilding continues, despite warnings that far more properties will soon be underwater…

Read Full Article, Yale E360 (04-19-2017)

When rising seas transform risk into certainty; The New York Times (04-18-2017)
Along parts of the East Coast, the entire system of insuring coastal property is beginning to break down…

Thousands of Homes Keep Flooding, Yet They Keep Being Rebuilt Again; “Flood, Rebuild, Repeat: The Need for Flood Insurance Reforms,” NRDC (08-11-2016)

Developers don’t get it: climate change means we need to retreat from the coast, Guardian UK (15-03-2016)
It is preposterous to build in areas that are bound to flood. So why are real estate companies still doing it?..

How Your Taxes Help Inflate The Value Of Coastal Properties Threatened By Climate Change; ThinkProgress (06-05-2015)

Sea level rise poses serious threat to Charleston; By Orrin H. Pilkey, Post And Courier (04-29-2017)
Rising seas are the first truly global environmental disaster related to climate change. Millions of people will be forced from their homes as the seas drown the atoll nations, devastate much of barrier-island and river-delta civilizations and, of course, invade the world’s coastal cities…

Sea Level Rise Will Reshape U.S. Population In All 50 States; Yale E360 (04-19-2017)
Sea level rise could cause mass migrations that will affect not just the United States’ East Coast, but reshape communities deep in the heart of the country, according to new research…

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