Magdalen Islands and Shoreline Erosion, Québec

The Magdalen Islands, Quebec, Canada. Photo Source: ©© Brian Burke


In Québec, shoreline erosion primarily affects the estuarine regions and the Gulf of St-Lawrence that extends from Québec city to the Magdalen Islands. Shoreline erosion has particularly significant impacts along the coast of the city of Sept-Îles (population over 28 000), where 80% of the shoreline is comprised of unconsolidated sediment that is very vulnerable to marine erosion.

Several community areas built on the Sept-Îles shoreline, in the low-lying coastal plains, are experiencing losses of land of up to 8 m per year.

Since these communities are faced with the constant threat of storms, they have put protective structures, such as rock protections, in place as an emergency response. However, several of the structures have exacerbated erosion rates in the adjacent sectors and, as a result, new protective measures are now required.

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L’érosion est un problème qui devient des plus alarmant pour toutes les populations côtières et les Îles de la Madeleine n’y échappent pas. Guglielmo Tita, Directeur général du CERMIM, nous explique les causes et les effets de ce phénomène naturel et inquiétant.

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