Protect and Restore Goleta Beach, California

Goleta beach, undergoing latest beach re-nourishment project, in 2010.
With the recent strong winter storms this costly sand has been washed away, and the re-nourished beach is now eroded… again. Photograph: SAF – Coastal Care


Goleta Beach is one of Santa Barbara County’s most popular parks. But imagine going to Goleta Beach Park and finding no beach.

Seawalls cause sandy beaches to disappear forever. This has been proven time after time in study after study. The unpermitted seawall at the west end of Goleta Beach is no exception; it must be removed to preserve Goleta Beach. If the seawall is left in place, over time it will eliminate and destroy Goleta Beach…

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In Pictures: Aftermath of storm on Goleta Beach (March 1, 2014), The Independent

Goleta Beach, California
An ongoing problem concerning Goleta Beach is coastal erosion; sand and sediment is constantly being washed away and the beach is narrowing…

We Need to Retreat From the Beach, An Op Ed by Orrin H. Pilkey.