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Cost of Coastal Flooding in Europe Could Reach $1 Trillion Annually by 2100

Without additional climate change adaptation measures, the annual cost of damage from coastal flooding in Europe could jump from $1.4 billion today to as much as $1 trillion by the end of the century due largely to rising sea levels according to new study.

Should Rivers Have Rights? A Growing Movement Says It’s About Time

Inspired by indigenous views of nature, a movement to grant a form of legal “personhood” to rivers is gaining some ground — a key step, advocates say, in reversing centuries of damage inflicted upon the world’s waterways.

Did sand mining exacerbate flooding during Hurricane Harvey?

Following Hurricane Harvey, the sand mining industry that has boomed along the San Jacinto River has come under fierce criticism. Protestors, environmental groups and state officials have argued that operating within the floodways reduced the river’s capacity to hold the surge of water.

Unspoilt, rare, dunes earmarked for new golf course

One of the last unspoilt coastal dunes in Scotland is under threat from plans for a championship golf course.

Off the African Coast, a Struggle to Revive a Battered Fishery

The third-place winner of the 2018 Yale Environment 360 Video Contest looks at a campaign to enlist local fishermen to help reverse a sharp decline in the marine resources of the tiny island nation of Mauritius.

Jam-packed Colombian island preserves quiet way of life

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From a distance, it’s hard at first to determine what Santa Cruz del Islote actually is. Rising from the sea, the island – one of the most densely populated in the world – appears to be floating.

Scientists complete mission to map fast-moving fault off Alaska: Data will help coastal communities prepare for risks from earthquakes and tsunamis


Researchers have completed the first high-resolution, comprehensive mapping of one of the fastest moving underwater tectonic faults in the world, located in southeastern Alaska. This information will help communities in coastal Alaska and Canada better understand and prepare for the risks from earthquakes and tsunamis that can occur when faults suddenly move.

Some of the World’s best sailing destinations

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Anchoring in idyllic bays. Slipping into azure waters for a refreshing dip. Warm breeze filling the sails en route to the next enchanted spot. The life aquatic is not to be missed. First, however, comes the decision on which tip of the planet to drift towards.

“A place in crisis”: Author documents life on disappearing Tangier Island

Tangier Island, which is home to about 450 people, is slowly disappearing due to sea level change and shoreline erosion.

Anse source d’Argent, Seychelles

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L’Anse source d’Argent remains the Seychelles’ most popular stretch of shoreline, as its dazzling, reef-sheltered water and granite boulders atop bone-colored sand regularly prove too alluring to pass up.

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