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Anse Trabaud, FWI; By Claire Le Guern

Anse Trabaud, FWI

Anse Trabaud, FWI

By Claire Le Guern

On the Atlantic coast south of Martinique island, FWI, Anse Trabaud is a pristine secluded sandy beach stretching over a kilometer between Pointe d’Enfer and Pointe Baham. Exposed to the winds and the ocean, the beach is often battered by powerful waves that make the place popular with nature lovers and bodyboarders.

Bordered on its entire length by palm, coconut and pine trees, Anse Trabaud is full of shady places conducive to relax and gaze at the natural scenery.

The beach is large and very difficult to access by car or on foot, which limits all the traffic. So much the better! On foot, it takes a good 45 minutes of beautiful steps along the coast and the Savannah of petrifications, from the cove at Plums. By vehicle, a rocky, treacherous dirt, and sandy path must be followed for 20 minutes which ultimately leads to the beach.