Computer Model to Help Managers with Renourishment Decisions?

On-board a sand dredger, offshore Miami. Photo courtesy of: © Denis Delestrac


Since the first project of its kind in the U.S. at Coney Island, N.Y., in 1922, coastal managers have used beach nourishment – essentially importing sand to replace sediment lost through storms or erosion – to restore damaged beaches, but it is laborious and expensive. Adding to coastal managers’ headaches, the offshore sand used for such ventures is running short…

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Sand Shortage Leaves South Florida Beaches Vulnerable to Erosion, (Uploaded 09-19-2013)

Beach Renourishment Harms Ecosystem, Herald-Tribune (Uploaded 02-22-2012)
Pumping sand onto the coastline helps maintain wide beaches for tourism and property protection, but some scientists say it also damages a fragile and often overlooked ecosystem for fish and birds.

Sand Moved To Cover Waikiki Beach Erosion Swept Away, Video (Uploaded 11-25-2013)
Just a day after crews tackled an erosion problem at Kuhio Beach in Waikiki, half of the sand they brought in was washed away, according to city officials…

Waikiki Beach Eroding Less Than A Year After $2.2M Sand Restoration, Pacific Business News (Uploaded 01-24-2013)
A section of Hawaii’s famed Waikiki Beach is starting to erode, less than a year after the completion of a $2.2 million project to replenish the sand on about 1,730 feet of shoreline that had been suffering from chronic erosion.

Goleta Beach, California (Uploaded 01-24-2013)
An ongoing problem concerning Goleta Beach is coastal erosion; sand and sediment is constantly being washed away and the beach is narrowing…