Growing Climate Change Threat to Britain’s Historic Coastline

Birling Gap, Sussex, in South East England. A 30ft (9m) crack has appeared along the cliff top at Birling Gap in East Sussex. The crack appeared a week after the National Trust revealed the popular coastal attraction has suffered seven years’ worth of erosion in two months. Captions. Photo source: ©© Steeve James


Hundreds of miles of British coastline – so long the symbol of this nation’s island story – are collapsing through worsening erosion. Dozens of the country’s favourite coastal beauty spots have already suffered from cliff collapses and flooded beaches, with more expected to come under threat from the rising seas in the coming decades.

A report by the National Trust (NT) later this year is expected to warn that more action will be needed to protect threatened sites…

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Severe coastal erosion and falling houses, Happisburgh, Norfolk, in East England. Photo source: ©© Martin