The Deepwater Horizon aftermath

Feather on oiled boom. Captions And Photo source: ©© Lance Cheung


Researchers have analyzed 125 compounds from oil spilled in the Gulf of Mexico to determine their longevity at different contamination…

Read Full Article, Science Daily (12-19-2016)

USGS, NASA Study Finds Widespread Coastal Land Losses from Gulf Oil Spill; USGS (11-17-2016)

Gulf of Mexico perinatal dolphin deaths likely result of oil exposure; NOAA (04-12-2016)
The increased number of stranded stillborn and juvenile dolphins found in the Gulf of Mexico from 2010 to 2013 was likely caused by chronic illnesses in mothers who were exposed to oil from the Deepwater Horizon spill, scientists said today…

Is Gulf Oil Spill’s Damage Over or Still Unfolding? National Geographic (04-15-2015)

Oil Dispersant Used in Gulf Oil Spill Causes Lung and Gill Injuries to Humans and Aquatic Animals, University of Alabama at Birmingham (04-06-2015)
New research suggests that Corexit EC9500A, an oil-dispersal agent widely used in the Gulf of Mexico following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, contributes to damage to epithelium cells within the lungs of humans and gills of marine creatures…

Interactive Map: “Sixty-Seven Years of Oil and Gas Drilling in the Gulf of Mexico,” National Geographic (04-20-2015)

Why U.S. East Coast Should Stay Off-Limits to Oil Drilling, Yale E360 (02-28-2015)
It’s not just the potential for a catastrophic spill that makes the new proposal to open Atlantic Ocean waters to oil exploration such a bad idea. What’s worse is the cumulative impact on coastal ecosystems that an active oil industry would bring…

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