Ocean Beach sand transfers will disrupt SF traffic on Great Highway

Ocean Beach, san Francisco. Photo source: ©© Clairity


For the next two months, swaths of Ocean Beach in San Francisco will bear a certain resemblance to a life-size playground sandbox.

Bulldozers, backhoes and dump trucks will dig up and ferry 75,000 tons of sand south from the beach’s northern shores in an effort to temporarily replenish precious coastline lost to the forces of nature and accelerated by the effect of climate change…

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Why S.F. is Moving 42,000 Tons of Sand Down Ocean Beach, San Francisco Gate (12-06-2014)

Long-term solution sought to problem of Ocean Beach erosion, SF Chronicle (02-29-2016)
Every few years, caravans of yellow trucks move thousands of tons of sand from the north end of San Francisco’s Ocean Beach to eroded areas at the south end. And almost immediately, the silvery tide begins carrying it back to where it came from. The sand bucket brigade is a short-term solution to a more pressing problem: 3.5-mile Ocean Beach, which lines the city’s western edge, is suffering the ravages of a warming planet — hammered by winter storms and rising sea levels that are eroding the shoreline. This week, a parking lot south of Sloat Boulevard collapsed, and a nearby underground wastewater pipeline is under threat from the encroaching surf…

Old ruins emerging on SF beach reveal long battle to halt erosion, SF Gate (03-04-2016)
About a month ago, some San Franciscan beachgoers noticed something new on Ocean Beach, at the end of Taraval Street — the ruins of a mysterious structure of some kind emerging from the sand, like the remnants of a lost city…