From destruction, creation: A new black sand beach is born on the island of Hawaii

Kilauea volcano lava ocean entry. Photo source: ©© Matthieu


The eight-mile-long river of lava that poured down the slopes of Kilauea volcano on the island of Hawaii last spring destroyed nearly everything in its path. But part of what it left behind offers a glimmer of hope for the battered land and economy: a new black sand beach…

Read Full Article; The Los Angeles Time (01-06-2019)

Lava from the Kilauea volcano has added nearly 700 acres to Hawaii’s Big Island; CBS News (07-18-2018)
The island has grown by nearly 700 acres, the equivalent of more than 500 football fields…

Exploding lava creates new danger as Kilauea flows into the sea; MNN (06-13-2018)
A new video from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) shows explosions occurring in mid-air as lava flows into the ocean near the Big Island. They’re called “littoral explosions” and they occur when molten lava flows into cool ocean water…

Most beautiful black sand beaches in the World; Condé Nast Traveler (08-02-2017)

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