Liberia: residents decry illicit sand mining in Schiefflin township

Residents are pleading with the government to come to their aid as illegal miners continue to mine sand and causing grave environmental hazard to the community. They say that there is continuous 24-hour, 7-day beach mining taking place.

Sand Mining Threatens Homes In Duazon, Liberia

People investing thousands of dollars in residential buildings near the Atlantic Beach in Duazon risk losing their properties as a result of rampant sand mining there.

Liberia: Sand Mining Threatens Coastal Town

Harper, a town at West Africa’s most southern location, on Cape Palmas, is seriously under threat of being swallowed by violent waves from the Atlantic Ocean. The threat of erosion is blamed on persistent local sand mining.

Former Liberia Minister Ponders Lawsuit Over Buchanan Ongoing Beach Sand Mining

The ongoing beach sand mining in Buchanan communities seem to be undermining government’s and her partners collective efforts to prevent reoccurrence of the devastation of sea erosion in Buchanan City. “On a daily basis, trucks are seen hauling sand from the beach… this is scary and environmentally dangerous.”

Liberia: Coastal Defense Paradox – Beach Sand Mining Persists

Despite claims by the government of Liberia that it is committed to a coastal defense plan in order to save the city of Buchanan from sea erosion, beach sand mining in Central and Upper Buchanan continues on a weekly basis.

Liberia’s Poor and the Rising Sea

A report on the threat to the environment in Liberia released by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) states that erosion in this West African country is causing the shoreline to recede in some cities, including Buchanan, Greenville, Harper and Robertsport, and that beach sand mining is also said to be the main contributing factor.

Liberia: Ban On Sand Mining Intensifies

In continuation of its ban on beach and sand mining, the Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy confiscated a 15-ton truck load of blocks in the 11th Street and Watanga communities in Monrovia.

Preventing Erosion: Liberia Gets Tough on Illegal Sand Miners, Raid Beaches

The Lands Mines and Energy Ministry Monday arrested several illegal sand miners s in several beach communities around Monrovia.

Liberia: ‘Illegal’ Sand Mining, Sales

Investigation by a liberian newspaper has revealed that the Ministry of Lands, Mines & Energy is in flagrant violation of the 2010 Investment Act of Liberia by granting sand mining licenses to Chinese companies.