‘Sand mattress’ technology to combat Mother Nature at Kuhio Beach

Photograph: Waikiki beach-renourishement, 2012  © SAF — Coastal Care.

“Hawaii’s famed Waikiki Beach started to erode again, less than a year after the completion of

Bills would ease rules on sandbags, pumping sand from shoals; NC

“A continuous sandbag wall on North Topsail Beach, N.C. shows the shore-hardening effect of such structures on beach loss, either by initial placement or by causing beach narrowing and loss. The photo was taken in October 2016 after Hurricane Matthew

Let’s end war with ocean, Op-Ed by Orrin H. Pilkey

Sandbagged, trashed beach at South Nags Head, N.C. in February 1987, with some evidence of bags that have been torn or ruptured and have leaked sand. The scarp under the houses indicates that storm waves are topping the bags, and