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Plastic in the North Atlantic has tripled since the 1960s

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For more than 60 years, scientists in the U.K. have been collecting data on marine plastic, assembling one of the most comprehensive datasets on how much plastic has filtered into the North Atlantic ocean.

Micro plastics are raining down from the sky

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In what looks like a pristine, remote mountain region, tiny pieces of plastic pollution were found raining down from the sky—raising questions about the global extent of plastic pollution—a first-of-its-kind study has found.

Polar Warning: Even Antarctica’s Coldest Region Is Starting to Melt


East Antarctica is the coldest spot on earth, long thought to be untouched by warming. But now the glaciers and ice shelves in this frigid region are showing signs of melting, a development that portends dramatic rises in sea levels this century and beyond.

New Zealand’s Best Beaches Are Too Stunning for Words

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Countless amazing beaches line the coasts of New Zealand. The island nation is known for its jaw-dropping stretches of sand.

The young Republicans breaking with their party over climate change

It is becoming harder, however, for Trump to swat away the unfolding crises caused by global warming. American lives are increasingly ravaged by flooding and wildfires. Now, younger Republicans are breaking with Trump in an attempt to haul their party towards scientific reality.

Russia will release 10 orcas, 87 belugas from overcrowded ‘whale jail’

Russian authorities and marine life advocates have signed an agreement to release nearly 100 marine mammals being held in the so-called “whale jail” on Russia’s Far East coast. The whales were illegally captured last summer and fall by four Russian companies that reportedly planned to sell them to marine parks in China.

Scientists Say They Have Found a Viable Replacement for Petroleum-Based Plastic

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Scientists at Ohio State University say they have developed a viable alternative to petroleum-based plastic food packaging by using natural tree-based rubber.According to the researchers, the new biodegradable material holds promise for fighting the world’s growing plastic pollution problem, as well as for helping curb our reliance on fossil fuels.

As mass timber takes off, how green is this new building material?

Mass timber construction is on the rise, with advocates saying it could revolutionize the building industry and be part of a climate change solution. But some are questioning whether the logging and manufacturing required to produce the new material outweigh any benefits.

Melting glaciers causing sea levels to rise at ever greater rates

Melting ice sheets in Greenland and the Antarctic as well as ice melt from glaciers all over the world are causing sea levels to rise. Glaciers alone lost more than 9,000 billion tons of ice since 1961, raising water levels by 27 millimeters, an international research team has now found.

Artist replaces sand with microplastic found on beaches in contemporary hourglass

Designer Brodie Neill has created a contemporary hourglass filled with microplastic instead of sand to highlight the issue of ocean plastic pollution. The Capsule hourglass, which is filled with microplastic collected by Neill from beaches in Tasmania where he grew up, is an open-edition piece.

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