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Your favorite pristine beach is founded on mass invertebrate death

Beach managers import sand and constantly groom shores with heavy machinery, and a recent study in the journal Ecological Indicators shows these managed beaches have much fewer sand-dwelling critters than nearby natural ones.

Sand stolen by tourists returned to Sardinian beaches

Local authorities and environmental experts have teamed up with Olbia Airport to return sand, pebbles and shells confiscated from travellers’ luggage to beaches on Sardinia’s famed ‘Emerald Coast’.

Rockweed Rescue

UC Santa Barbara marine scientists to restore rocky intertidal seaweed to boost coastal biodiversity.

Sea cliff collapse in California kills 3 beachgoers

Erosion, News

A popular surfing beach was closed Saturday after a cliff collapsed, sending tons of sandstone onto beachgoers and killing three people. A 30-foot-long slab of the cliff plunged onto the sand near Grandview Beach north of San Diego.

This Irish teenager may have a solution for a plastic-free ocean

News, Pollution

A teenager from Ireland may have found a way to rescue our oceans from the growing plastic pollution problem.

Santa Veronica Beach, Atlantico, Caribbean coast, Colombia: A model of small community, beach loss, wrong responses; By Nelson Rangel-Buitrago, Adriana Gracia & William J. Neal

Santa Veronica is one of numerous recreational beach developments along Colombia’s Caribbean Coast most sharing a similar history of shoreline retreat, perceived as shoreline erosion, and the attempt to hold the shoreline in place through the use of shore-hardening structures.

“Brune”; By Santa Aguila Foundation

“Brune”, is an image from Santa Aguila Foundation.

Non-lethal impacts of seabirds’ plastic ingestion

News, Pollution

A new study of seabirds that had ingested plastic debris has revealed a range of non-lethal impacts on their health and physiology. While seabird deaths due to swallowing plastic debris or becoming entangled in it have received global attention, the non-lethal effects on seabirds that survive plastic ingestion are less well-known.

Energy from seawater

A new battery made from affordable and durable materials generates energy from places where salt and fresh waters mingle. The technology could make coastal wastewater treatment plants energy-independent and carbon neutral.

Tony Plant’s Beach Art, Filmed By Ruarri Joseph

“… stop, and see the beauty we are surrounded by…”

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