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Once-pristine Arctic choking on our plastic addiction

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Earlier this year a global team of scientists sounded another alarm, revealing what they called the next major threat to the polar bears’ Arctic habitat: plastic.

Sea levels to rise 1.3m unless coal power ends by 2050, report says

Coastal cities around the world could be devastated by 1.3m of sea level rise this century unless coal-generated electricity is virtually eliminated by 2050, according to a University of Melbourne new paper that combines the latest understanding of Antarctica’s contribution to sea level rise and the latest emissions projection scenarios.

6 fascinating facts about coral reefs

Coral reefs are one of the world’s most colorful and diverse ecosystems, and though they cover only about 1 percent of the ocean floor, they have a huge effect on the health of the rest of the world. Healthy coral reefs mean healthy oceans which means healthy planet.

Rising seas threaten nearly $1 trillion worth of US homes, and most of them are moderately priced

If sea levels were to rise 6 feet, 1.9 million homes, or $916 billion worth of U.S. residential real estate, could be lost, according to a new report.

Microplastics in the Baltic have not risen for 30 years

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The concentration of microplastics in water and fish from the Baltic Sea has been constant for the past 30 years, despite a substantial increase in plastic production during the same period, report investigators.

Replacing Miami’s beach sands costs millions. Here’s how Congress intends to make it cheaper

Miami is out of sand. Last year, Miami-Dade County depleted its offshore sand reserves, meaning miles of beaches that shrink from erosion must be replenished with sand from outside South Florida.

Drones used to map climate change in Zanzibar

In Zanzibar, which is a series of islands off the east coast of Africa, a group is using drones to map the effects of rising sea levels and global temperatures in an effort to combat local climate change.

At these beaches, you’ll find sand that is naturally green


Seeing green at the beach is usually reserved for swaying palm trees or seaweed that washes ashore. But there are exactly four beaches in the entire world have remarkable green sand shores.

Worldwide change in shallow reef ecosystems predicted as waters warm

A new study based on the first global survey of marine life by scuba divers has provided fresh insights into how climate change is affecting the distribution of marine life.

Typhoon Lan made landfall in Japan, causing flooding and landslides


Typhoon Lan, so enormous that its cloud field has been said to be larger than Japan, brought high winds and heavy rain as it made landfall around 3 a.m. local time on the Pacific coast of central Japan, the Kyodo News service reported.

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