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Beach sand mining in Grenada triggers loss of trees and beach erosion

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To the great frustration of some residents, illegal sand mining operations have been ongoing on Grenada’s beaches. Trucks have been seen daily, driving away loaded with bags of beach sand.

What does a persistent bloom of algae indicate about the health of the planet?

While the harmful algae known as red tide have historically been common in warm waters like those of the Gulf of Mexico, the troublesome blooms are no longer seasonal. The algae kill marine animals and make life miserable for beachgoers.

Portugal to demolish buildings threatened by coastal erosion

The Portuguese Environment Agency’s new coastal plan involves demolishing dozens of buildings and houses along a 122 kilometre strip of coastline, deemed at severe risk from coastal erosion aggravated by climate change. In the next ten years Portugal plans to spend almost 470 million euros to try to reduce the risks to it population from coastal erosion.

How climate change is impacting the Bay of Bengal region

While over 80% of the World’s top cities developed along coastlines and waterways, over the next few years countries like China and India will be the worst affected by climate change extremities. Switching to hybrid and solar power is the only way forward…

How extreme weather is shrinking the planet

With wildfires, heat waves, and rising sea levels, large tracts of the earth are at risk of becoming uninhabitable. But the fossil-fuel industry continues its assault on the facts.

Corporate Sand Mining In SF Bay Sparks ‘Sand Wars’

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Six years ago, nonprofit environmental advocacy organization San Francisco Baykeeper sued sand-mining firm Hanson Marine Operations and the State Lands Commission to stop sand mining in the Bay. However, in November, an appeals court judge sided with the State Lands Commission and the sand mining company.

Managing the ‘mega-houses’

As Dare County municipalities try to address concerns about the proliferation of “mega-houses” and their impact on the character and environment of beach communities, the town councils in both Southern Shores and Duck met last week to explore new approaches to the issue.

Crab fishermen sue 30 oil firms over climate change

On Wednesday, associations representing California crab fishermen filed suit against 30 fossil fuel companies seeking to make the companies pay for the harm global warming has caused to California’s fisheries. It is the first legal action by a private industry group seeking to hold the fossil fuel companies responsible for major losses attributed to global warming.

Researchers captured footage of a rare shark nursery 2,500 feet below the coastal waters of Ireland


Drone footage of a rare shark nursery, found 200 miles off Ireland’s western coast, has been revealed. It’s being called a discovery on a “scale not previously documented in Irish waters…”

Is Your Home At Risk Of Flooding From Rising Seas By 2050? Check This Map.

Even if the world more aggressively tackles global warming, about 350,000 homes across the US, worth about $190 billion at today’s prices, are built on land that’s at risk of annual flooding by 2050. And if no steps are taken to curb carbon emissions, the number of at-risk homes jumps to about 385,000.

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