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Hurricane Dorian moving up East Coast after leaving Bahamas in ruins


While Florida didn’t get the brunt of the storm, as the storm slowly moved north up the East Coast, North Carolina and South Carolina were bracing for a direct hit. Dorian could still potentially make landfall Thursday or Friday.

A Devastating Stall by Hurricane Dorian


The second strongest Atlantic hurricane in modern meteorological records stalled over Grand Bahama, the northernmost of the Bahama Islands. When Dorian finally began drifting north, it left a wake of catastrophic damage in the Bahamas. Preliminary assessments indicated that nearly 70 percent of homes were underwater at some point. The Red Cross reported roughly 13,000 homes were destroyed or severely damaged.

The only airport on Grand Bahama is wiped out, severely hampering aid to Hurricane Dorian victims


Across the northern Bahamas, what used to be stunning islands are now scenes of widespread destruction. Hurricane Dorian pulverized the islands for two days, hurling catastrophic winds and relentless rain. It was the strongest storm ever to make landfall in the country.

NASA’s ARIA Team Maps Flooding in the Bahamas


The map covers an area of about 109 miles by 106 miles (176 kilometers by 170 kilometers) shown by the large red polygon. Each pixel measures about 32 yards (30 meters) across. Authorities and responders can use flood maps like this one as guidance to identify areas that are likely experiencing flooding

Morocco by Lana Wong

Morocco – II ; By Lana Wong

In celebration of Coastal Care’s 10 Year Anniversary, we are republishing an acclaimed selection of the most popular Photo Of the Month contributions of the decade.

The end of the world’s most famous beaches – II ; By Orrin H. Pilkey and J. Andrew G. Cooper

In celebration of Coastal Care’s 10 Year Anniversary, we are republishing an acclaimed selection of the most popular Beach Of the Month contributions of the decade.

Great Barrier Reef health outlook downgraded to “very poor” due to ocean warming

The government agency that manages Australia’s Great Barrier Reef has downgraded its outlook for the corals’ condition from “poor” to “very poor” due to warming oceans.

Judge blocks exclusive, gated community from putting tons of rocks on public beach

Residents of an exclusive gated community who want to put tons of boulders on a public beach lost a court battle this week. This ruling comes as battles simmer in South Carolina over how to deal with the effects of global warming and rising sea levels.

Indonesia will build its new capital city in Borneo as Jakarta sinks into the Java Sea

Concerns over the sustainability of the congested and rapidly sinking political center of Jakarta prompted the need for a new capital. The relocation was announced Monday by President Joko Widodo.


A giant pumice stone floating in the Pacific could help heal Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

A pumice “raft” the size of Manhattan is drifting towards Australia, bringing along with it new marine life that could help with the recovery of the Great Barrier Reef’s corals, half of which have been killed in recent years as a result of climate change.

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