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Sand mining ravages African beaches

Sand is a natural resource that is more and more exploited. Worldwide, beaches are mined for sand. As many other countries in the world, African States have legislated to better protect their coastal environment, but this did not put an end to illegal beach sand mining and its detrimental effects on the ecosystems.

A public company attempts to improve the sand market, Algeria

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Sand scarcity is one of the main cause of implementation deplays in the construction industry in Algeria. The severity of the sand depletion is such that prices have gone up tenfold during this latest construction boom.

Typhoon Lan


With Lan churning over warm water, and with upper level winds staying relatively calm, forecasters believe the storm could undergo rapid intensification and reach category 4 strength on October 20 or 21. The storm is expected to pass east of Okinawa on October 22 and make a possible landfall near Tokyo on October 22 or 23.

Prozac in ocean water a possible threat to sea life

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Oregon shore crabs exhibit risky behavior when they’re exposed to the antidepressant Prozac, making it easier for predators to catch them, according to a new study from Portland State University (PSU).

Alaska’s thawing permafrost puts huge portions of state’s foundation at risk

A new report just issued by NOAA says September’s Arctic sea ice coverage was about 25 percent less than it was between 1981 and 2010. As America’s only Arctic state, Alaska today faces unique challenges. One of those is the loss of permafrost, the frozen earth that serves as the foundation for huge portions of the state.

Globe had 2nd warmest year to date, 4th warmest September on record

This year, 2017, is the second-warmest year on record for the entire globe, NOAA said. Nine of the 10 warmest January-September global temperatures have occurred since 2005, with 1998 as the only exception. September saw a number of weather anomalies across the globe.


There’s still time to save the Great Barrier Reef from dying

Two major bleaching events have wracked the Great Barrier Reef over the last two years, leaving chunks of it dead.

Even modest oil exposure can harm coastal and marine birds

Many birds and other wildlife die following an oil spill, but there are also other potential long-terms effects of oil exposure on animals.

Three people die as Storm Ophelia batters Ireland and Britain

The Irish prime minister, Leo Varadkar, described Ophelia’s impact as a “national emergency.” He said it was the worst storm in Ireland in 50 years.

Sand becomes “increasingly scarce and expensive”

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A symposium taking place at Dutch Design Week later this month will discuss the rapid depletion of the world’s sand reserves, which could leave supplies of the high-quality sand used in the glass industry exhausted within 20 years.

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