Poole Beach Storm Damage Sand Pumping Works Begin

Poole beaches, UK. Photo source: ©© Charles DP Miller


More than 40,000 cubic metres (1.4m cubic feet) of sand is being pumped on to a Dorset beach to protect nearby homes from storms.

Last winter Poole’s Shore Road beach suffered about 10 years’ worth of erosion in a couple of months, the borough council said…

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The National Trust has suggested that the best strategy in some cases is simply to allow nature to run its course…

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All may seem calm on the beautiful stretches of british coastline, but there is a battle being fought on the beaches of Britain. It is a fight for survival against the mighty forces of the North Sea. Erosion of this coastline have been going on for thousands of years, but things have gotten much worst. The country is gradually tilting into the ocean.

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