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Sand mining in a dune system, Chile

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This is a normal situation here in this side of the world: when the legal go beyond the logic…

Vecino de Bocagrande ‘surfea’ en plena calle inundada por lluvia

“Our national government will invest 51 million us dollars to solve this with…. hard structures!”…

Florida is drowning. Condos are still being built. Can’t humans see the writing on the wall?

People tend to respond to immediate threats and financial consequences – and Florida’s coastal real estate may be on the cusp of delivering that harsh wake-up call.

US coastal businesses hit by everyday impact of climate change, study shows

Annapolis seeing sea rise at about twice the global rate. Flooding there foreshadows problems other coastal towns can expect.

Coastal communities should exercise caution in using FEMA Flood Maps as the primary indicator of coastal risk; By Rob Young

Most coastal communities, like Mexico Beach, rely almost entirely on FEMA flood maps to understand their exposure to coastal hazards and risk to the community.

Rapa Nui’s Stone Statues and Marine Resources Face Threats from Climate Change

On this island in the Polynesia region of the Pacific Ocean, 3,800 kilometers from the coast of Chile, to which it belongs, the effects of climate change are already evident.

Ecosystem changes following loss of great white sharks

A new study has documented unexpected consequences following the decline of great white sharks from an area off South Africa. The study found that the disappearance of great whites has led to the emergence of sevengill sharks, a top predator from a different habitat.


Great Barrier Reef hit by ‘extraordinarily large’ muddy flood plume

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Massive plumes of polluted floodwater spanning the entire coast of north-east Queensland are encroaching on the outer reaches of the Great Barrier Reef, sparking a fresh threat to the beleaguered natural wonder.

Land Ho! Visiting a Young Island


When the volcanic island burst into being in January 2015 it immediately captured the attention of NASA scientists keen to understand how new islands form and evolve on Earth – which may also give them clues about how volcanic landscapes interacted with water on ancient Mars.

Sand from glacial melt could be Greenland’s economic salvation?

As climate change melts Greenland’s glaciers and deposits more river sediment on its shores, an international group of researchers has identified one unforeseen economic opportunity for the Arctic nation: exporting excess sand and gravel abroad, where raw materials for infrastructure are in high demand.

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