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What Harvey means for future storms across the nation; Op Ed By orrin H. Pilkey

Forewarning about the path and future disastrous evolution of Hurricane Harvey proved to be quite accurate. Hurricane Harvey may be an example of the long-predicted intensification of storms resulting from the warming of the seas.


How a useless dam nearly destroyed an iconic beach; CA

Dam, Erosion

The city of Ventura and environmental groups launched a $4 million beach-building project when the coastline eroded in the early 1990s because the Ventura River was no longer bringing enough sand and sediment to nourish the beach. The sand thief was 16 miles upstream: Matilija Dam.

NASA Shows How Harvey Saturated Areas in Texas


NHC said Harvey is expected to produce additional rainfall accumulations of 3 to 6 inches from southwestern Louisiana and the adjacent border of eastern Texas northeastward into western Kentucky. A Storm Surge Warning is in effect for Holly Beach, Louisiana to Morgan City, Louisiana.

Worst monsoon in years kills more than 1,200 across South Asia, Video

As Storm Harvey threatens Louisiana and leaves heavy floods across parts of Texas, thousands of people affected by disasters in Asia and Africa…

Sand Mining: Growing Pains of Cross-Border Trade

News, Sand Mining

When powerful storms strike, like Typhoon Hato in southern China or Hurricane Harvey in Texas, the surging water scatters tons of sand – an essential ingredient required for the rebuilding soon to follow. Such storms add to growing global demand for sand with poor consequences for the economy and environment.

Caspian Sea evaporating as temperatures rise

Earth’s largest inland body of water has been slowly evaporating for the past two decades due to rising temperatures associated with climate change, a new study finds.

It’s a fact: climate change made Hurricane Harvey more deadly

We can’t say that Hurricane Harvey was caused by climate change. But it was certainly worsened by it…

Birling Gap beach: 150 treated after chemical ‘mist’, UK

News, Pollution

About 150 people have been treated in hospital and hundreds more affected by an unknown gas which hit the East Sussex coast.

Kenya brings in world’s toughest plastic bag ban: Using plastic bags is illegal — and punishable by jail time

News, Pollution

No matter where you go in Kenya — from the vast expanses of the Great Rift Valley to the white-sand beaches off the Indian Ocean — one thing is a constant: plastic bags. But beginning today, almost all plastic bags are illegal in Kenya.

As Harvey’s waters rise, so do panic levels, rescuer says


As Harvey continues dumping rain on East Texas and the waters there continue to rise, people are starting to panic, rushing rescue boats and even shooting at them if they don’t stop, said one volunteer rescuer.

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