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Blooming Gibraltar


At the strait’s narrowest point, Africa stands just 14 kilometers (9 miles) from Europe. But the narrow waterway is a complex environment that gives rise to striking phytoplankton blooms when conditions are right.

BP oil spill did $17.2 billion in damage to natural resources, scientists find

The 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill did $17.2 billion in damage to the natural resources in the Gulf of Mexico, a team of scientists recently found after a six-year study of the impact of the largest oil spill in US history. This is the first comprehensive appraisal of the financial value of the natural resources damaged by the 134-million-gallon spill.

Trillions of Plastic Bits, Swept Up by Current, Are Littering Arctic Waters

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Pollution is now as dense in the northernmost ocean as it is in the Atlantic and Pacific..

Sea Level Rise Will Reshape U.S. Population In All 50 States

Sea level rise could cause mass migrations that will affect not just the United States’ East Coast, but reshape communities deep in the heart of the country, according to new research published in the journal Nature Climate Change this week.

Coastal erosion poses multibillion-dollar risk to Baton Rouge economy, LSU study says

While Baton Rouge is not on the “front lines” of Louisiana’s coastal land loss crisis, billions of dollars worth of economic activity are at risk for the city as the Gulf of Mexico continues to swallow wetlands, which are key storm buffers along the coast, according to a new LSU study.

Protecting Clipperton Island – The Most Remote Atoll on the Planet

Though this French overseas territory is now considered a marine protected area, it still faces threats from overfishing, with sharks and other large marine life nearly vanishing.

When rising seas transform risk into certainty

Along parts of the East Coast, the entire system of insuring coastal property is beginning to break down.

Top Scuba Diving Destinations: Marine Sanctuaries & Hope Spots

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When planning your next dive trip, set a course for a marine sanctuary or Hope Spot. These ecologically-diverse areas are known for unusual critters, animal migrations, or other features that warrant special protection. By visiting these areas, you’re investing in both local conservation efforts and exceptional diving memories.

The Ocean Is Boiling’: The Complete Oral History of the 1969 Santa Barbara Oil Spill

On January 28th, 1969, crude oil and gas erupted from a platform off the coast of Santa Barbara, California. Alarm over the disaster reverberated around the world, energizing the nascent environmental movement and leading to a slew of legislative changes.

7 Facts about plastic bags that will change how you use them

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There’s no denying that plastic bags are bad for the environment. It’s well researched and well documented – and yet 160,000 plastic bags are still used every second around the world. This needs to change, so we’ve put together some facts that will change the way you (and your friends) use plastic bags (and hopefully stop you using them all together).

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