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Magical Images Reveal the Beauty and Raw Power of the Ocean

On World Oceans Day, pictures celebrate the magic of the ocean. This photographer lives by the tides, the swell, and the wind–championing the natural wonder of our world’s oceans.

World Oceans Day: 8 things you can do to make a difference

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The barrage of threats facing our oceans today might seem like an overwhelming tsunami of problems. But there’s hope, according to experts and activists, who say there are a slew of steps you can take to help make a difference.

World Oceans Day 2018: the battle against single-use plastic

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From Paris to Hong Kong, and Quito to Malé, on June 8, 2018, people around the world are celebrating World Oceans Day…

Beach Report Card 2017-18: Banner Year for Water Quality

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Heal the Bay today, released their 28th annual Beach Report Card, which assigns yearly A-to-F water-quality grades for more than 400 beaches along the California shoreline, based on levels of harmful bacteria.

India vows to ban all single-use plastics by 2022

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India has vowed to ban all single-use plastics by 2022, according to the U.N.’s environmental agency, which called it an “unprecedented ambitious move against disposable plastic…”


Bracing for the meltwater pulse in Miami

How rising seas are already dismantling our ideas of home.

The planet is on edge of a global plastic calamity

We urgently need consumers, business and governments to cut consumption of single-use, throwaway plastics, writes the UN Environment chief

Hydropower in Cambodia could threaten food security of region

Dam, Erosion, News

Farmers and anglers in Cambodia depend on the Mekong River’s predictable seasonal patterns, but new dams for hydroelectricity are altering the hydrology of the river. These changes have the potential to threaten fish migration, livelihoods, and regional food security.

Economic models significantly underestimate climate change risks

Policymakers are being misinformed by the results of economic models that underestimate the future risks of climate change impacts, according to a new journal paper by authors in the United States and the United Kingdom, which is published today (4 June 2018).

How India’s Fishermen Turn Ocean Plastic Into Roads

In an innovative project, fishermen in Kerala collect ocean plastic for recycling, cleaning the ocean in the process.

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