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Supervisors Seek Long-Term Plan for Goleta Beach Erosion as Emergency Costs Pile Up; CA

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Santa Barbara County has been unable to get the upper hand in its constant battle with Mother Nature.

Gambia: Tourism and the Environment – Tribute to the ‘Unsung Heroes’ Context

Gambia’s tourism industry was bedeviled with a range of menaces including – indiscriminate dumping and littering of our beaches, as well as debasing of our beaches through sand mining and related environmental malpractices to other areas frequented by our coveted guests and tourists. The need to tackle the environmental and sanitary challenges of tourism, head on, therefore became imperative.

Can permaculture save Togo’s precious coastline from the ravages of sand mining? A Video

African countries are raising alarm because of their disappearing coastlines. Beaches erode mainly because of illegal sand mining. A Swiss foundation wants to help Togo restore its coastline.

Madras High Court: the saga of illegal beach sand mining drags on

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As the saga of illegal beach sand mining drags on in the Madras high court, an interim order has finally called into question the role, or the lack thereof, played by the Centre over two decades in monitoring, curbing and enforcing laws preventing the illegal mining of beach sands from Tamil Nadu’s shores.

A Close-Up Look at the Catastrophic Bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef

Scientists are reporting the second mass bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef in the last year. In a Yale Environment 360 interview, researcher Terry Hughes says these events have damaged two-thirds of the world’s largest coral reef and are directly caused by global warming.

Mesmerizing Video Of Hawaii Beach Sand Reveals Unsettling Reality

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It’s easy to appreciate the beauty of a beach in Hawaii, with its electric blue waters lapping over a coast of golden sand. But hidden in plain sight is a devastating reality that nonprofit Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii captured in a video.

Logging threatens breeding turtles

Debris on beaches caused by logging activity in tropical forests is threatening the survival of hatchling leatherback turtles and the success of mothers at one of the world’s most important nesting sites in Colombia…

2017 March for Science: What You Need to Know

On April 22, scientists and science advocates will gather in Washington, D.C., and in hundreds of other cities worldwide on every continent except Antarctica, to take part in the March for Science, a historic event that may well be the biggest march in history in support of science.

Bills would ease rules on sandbags, pumping sand from shoals; NC

The Senate and House are finalizing another set of enviromental regulations, including one that loosens rules on sandbag walls and another that would allow using sand from Diamond Shoals for beach nourishment without testing it first.

Miami’s fight against rising seas

In the battle against rising seas, Florida – which has more to lose than almost anywhere else in the world – is becoming ground zero.

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