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Hurricane Ophelia: what a tropical storm is doing in Europe?

Category 2 hurricane Ophelia is on a path that could eventually take it over Ireland by early next week as an extratropical storm. Ophelia’s destination isn’t unprecedented, but the storm is still raising eyebrows…

How a worldwide sand shortage could impact the design world

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Later this month, Dutch Design Week will host a symposium entitled “The Abundance and Scarcity of Sand.” Notable speakers include geologist and author Michael Welland, as well as Denis Delestrac, whose 2013 documentary, Sand Wars, showcased the lengths that contractors and smugglers alike will go to hoard and sell a commodity second only to freshwater, in terms of consumption.

Scientists develop tool which can predict coastal erosion and recovery in extreme storms

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The damage caused to beaches by extreme storms on exposed energetic coastlines and the rate at which they recover can now be accurately predicted thanks to new research led by the University of Plymouth.

French beaches’ sand for sale illegally on internet

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A french mayor discovered that sand from the town’s local beach, was for sale on the internet. Maybe rather inconspicuous at first glance, this occurence instead reveals far deeper tensions related to the exploitation of this finite ressources.

As Trump Retreats, States Are Joining Forces on Climate Action

Despite the Trump administration’s environmental rollback, U.S. states are forging ahead with initiatives to combat climate change. Now, a coalition of states – from California to Colorado to North Carolina – are banding together to slash emissions and boost renewable energy.

Official fish trade ‘hugely underestimates’ global catches

Conservation of dwindling fish stocks is being severely hampered by poor controls on global trade, according to new research.

Coastline erosion worsening in Malaysia

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The Malaysian Minister of Natural Resources and Environment said about 10 per cent of the country’s 6,700km coastlines are now badly affected by erosion, especially in areas where coastal developments projects are being implemented.

In warmer climates, Greenlandic deltas have grown

Researchers at the University of Copenhagen has shown that deltas in Greenland, unlike most other deltas in the world, are growing.

New Orleans, Gulf Coast brace for Tropical Storm Nate


States from Louisiana to Florida braced Friday for Tropical Storm Nate, forecast to pound the Gulf Coast this weekend as a hurricane.

Largest Marine Protected Area in North America Created off Mexico

The Mexican government has announced the creation of a new marine reserve in the Pacific Ocean Thursday, the largest protected area of its kind in North America.

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