Disappearing Beaches of India

Puducherry, India. Photo source: ©©


Beaches and coasts are amazing wonders of nature. India’s coastline stretches for around 7,500 kilometers.

Yet, as much as 40% of India’s coastline is eroding at an alarming level, not only in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry, but also in many other beaches. It is time we look at sustainable methods of construction and scientifically proven beach restoration methods so that we do not lose our beaches forever…

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Anthropogenic coastal erosion along the Pondicherry-Tamil Nadu coastline, South India; By Aurofilio Schiavina; Coastal Care’s Beach of the Month, August 2010
The erosion of Pondicherry beaches is not an isolated case along the Indian coastline; it is estimated that the coastline has already lost about 25% (1,500 km) of its beaches due to anthropogenic factors…

India’s ‘New Cities’ Plan: Environment Not Included, Aljazeera (03-06-2015)
Sand – inexpensive and abundant – is a treasure to India’s builders and the construction industry, which employs some 40 million people. But the spike in construction means sand mining, both legal and illegal, will increase in coastal areas, riverbeds, creeks, and rivulets…

People on Coastline Suffering Due to Sand Mining, India; a NEWS X LIVE Video (08-19-2013)
Down south the Beach Sand Mining activities in Tamil Nadu, are not only destroying the environment but also creating health issues for the people living on the coast line. Newsx correspondent Srikumar uncovers the health hazards people are subjected to…

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