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Ecosystem changes following loss of great white sharks

A new study has documented unexpected consequences following the decline of great white sharks from an area off South Africa. The study found that the disappearance of great whites has led to the emergence of sevengill sharks, a top predator from a different habitat.


Great Barrier Reef hit by ‘extraordinarily large’ muddy flood plume

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Massive plumes of polluted floodwater spanning the entire coast of north-east Queensland are encroaching on the outer reaches of the Great Barrier Reef, sparking a fresh threat to the beleaguered natural wonder.

Land Ho! Visiting a Young Island


When the volcanic island burst into being in January 2015 it immediately captured the attention of NASA scientists keen to understand how new islands form and evolve on Earth – which may also give them clues about how volcanic landscapes interacted with water on ancient Mars.

Sand from glacial melt could be Greenland’s economic salvation?

As climate change melts Greenland’s glaciers and deposits more river sediment on its shores, an international group of researchers has identified one unforeseen economic opportunity for the Arctic nation: exporting excess sand and gravel abroad, where raw materials for infrastructure are in high demand.

Myanmar: “Our land is collapsing around us”: population and environment at risk from rampant sand mining

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Irresponsible sand mining in the Ayeyarwady River is destroying the livelihoods of farmers and fishers and placing environmental stress on the nation’s rice bowl.

Key West bans some sunscreens to protect coral reefs

Officials in Key West ave decided to ban the sale of sunscreens containing oxybenzone and octinoxate, blamed for harming the only living coral reef found in the continental US.

The hidden environmental toll of mining the World’s sand

Sand mining is the world’s largest mining endeavor, responsible for 85 percent of all mineral extraction. It is also the least regulated, and quite possibly the most corrupt and environmentally destructive.

2018 was one of the warmest years on record – and the next 5 years could be even hotter

New data confirms last year was one of the warmest ever recorded, and British meteorologists are predicting the next five years will be even hotter than 2018.

From paradise to landfill: beloved California beach covered in trash

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After a trio of winter storms dropped inches of rain on the area, the beach looked more like a landfill than a pristine paradise. That’s because Seal Beach lies at the mouth of the San Gabriel river, which drains runoff from more than 50 cities in the Los Angeles river basin.

Q&A: The Nature of Value vs the Value of Nature

Humans have long had a varied and complicated relationship with nature—from its aesthetic value to its economic value to its protective value. What if you could measure and analyse these values? One group is trying to do just that.

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