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The silenced: meet the climate whistleblowers muzzled by Trump

Six whistleblowers and ex-government scientists describe how the Trump administration made them bury climate science – and why they won’t stay quiet…

These little organisms are saving the coastlines from monster storms. Be nice to them

The catastrophe in the Bahamas shows more clearly than ever that coastal communities around the world are in dire peril from supercharged storms like Hurricane Dorian. They need to preserve and restore their first line of defense, wetlands and coral reefs. They need to build what scientists like me call coastal resilience.

Is that a choir of Angels or just a day at the beach: Singing Sands you have to hear to believe

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Even in their simplest forms, beaches are spectacular places. Some, however, claim an even more magical level of excellence thanks to peculiar properties boasted by their sands.

California lawmakers fail to pass sweeping plastic pollution plan


In a setback for environmental groups, California lawmakers early Saturday morning ended the 2019 legislative session without passing two bills that would have been the most ambitious effort in the nation to reduce the massive amounts of plastic pollution that are washing into oceans, rivers and lakes around the world.

Ocean trash is building up. This artist reveals what’s out there.

Barry Rosenthal started collecting plastic garbage on a New York shoreline. His photographs reveal the variety of water-borne trash.

Four billion particles of microplastics discovered in major body of water


While collecting water samples and plankton, researchers discovered a high concentration of microplastics, which are known to disrupt the marine food chain.

Major Oil Spill on Grand Bahama Reaches the Ocean, Damages Coastline

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An oil spill caused by Cat 5 Hurricane Dorian has been spotted in the ocean and has damaged the Bahamas coastline, the Norwegian energy company that owns the oil storage facility, Equinor, confirmed on Wednesday, a week and a half after the hurricane blew the lids off of six massive crude oil tanks.

Fukushima: Japan will dump radioactive water into Pacific

The operator of the ruined Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant will have to dump huge quantities of contaminated water from the site directly into the Pacific Ocean, Japan’s environment minister has said – a move that would enrage local fishermen.

Crabs and shrimp are flocking to the Deepwater Horizon spill site to mate, and it’s making them sick Christina Zdanowicz-Profile-Image

The site of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill has become a popular mating ground for deep-sea crabs and shrimp. Decomposing oil from the 2010 spill could be mimicking a sex hormone, and that’s what’s attracting these crustaceans to get frisky in this part of the Gulf, according to an August study published in the journal Royal Society Open Science.

World ‘gravely’ unprepared for effects of climate crisis – report

Trillions of dollars needed to avoid ‘climate apartheid’ but this is less than cost of inaction.

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