Thirty Million, a documentary from Raw Cinematics

Thirty Million People. A statistic. But this statistic is made up of individuals. Thirty Million is a 35 minute documentary on the effects sea-level rise and climate change will have on the people of Bangladesh.

Sonic Sea, Film Documentary

Oceans are a sonic symphony. Sound is essential to the survival and prosperity of marine life. But man-made ocean noise is threatening this fragile world. “Sonic Sea” is about protecting life in our waters from the destructive effects of oceanic noise pollution. Watch NRDC’s gripping new documentary trailer, and TV Premiere on Discovery Channel this Thursday, May 19.

“The Shore Break,” A Movie From Riley Grunenwald

A gorgeous stretch of the Wild Coast is the object of a standoff between corrupt pro-mining forces interested in mining the local beach sand for titanium, and a South African coastal community. The drama is structured around two diametrically opposed protagonists. A film review by Variety.

All the Way to the Ocean, The Movie

Joel Harper’s beloved book is now an animated movie featuring the talents of acclaimed actors, award winning musicians, and dedicated activists; including Amy Smart, Ben Harper, Burning Spear, Jack Johnson, Joel Harper, Marcia Cross, and Xavier Rudd. The movie artfully tackles non-point source pollution in an entertaining and immersive way that children and adults will find engaging!

Moving to Higher Ground (After 12,000 years)

The Quinault Indian Nation has lived in what is now Washington State for thousands of years. But, it’s time to move. The tribe lives on the coast, and climate change has caused sea levels to rise and endanger the village. As the tribe moves to higher ground, it’s bittersweet, since a new home also means moving off sacred ground.