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Climate-exodus expected in the Middle East and North Africa

Part of the Middle East and North Africa may become uninhabitable due to climate change.


US ceases efforts to end global trade of polar bear parts

The US government has quietly dropped its campaign for an international ban in the trade of polar bear parts, which would have given the practice the same outlaw status as the elephant ivory market.


Florida’s coral reefs rapidly ‘wasting away’ under stress of climate change

Accelerated acidification of coastal waters has brought about structural decline of only reef in continental US, initially pegged by scientists at around 2050


Senate passes wild horses bill, NC

The U.S. Senate has signed off on legislation designed to keep the Corolla wild horses roaming the Currituck Outer Banks for decades to come.


Atlantic City Gambles on Rising Seas, NJ

This city’s famous casinos are on high ground, while its poor are in the floodwaters’ path. The people still there “haven’t figured out a way to leave yet,” one lifelong resident says.


Terminal Groins Don’t Stop Erosion

Decisions about terminal groins are being made in towns throughout the southern N.C. coast after the N.C. General Assembly in 2011 repealed a nearly 30-year-old ban on hardened beach erosion control structures. Legislators changed the law in 2015 to allow for up to six terminal groins.


“The Shore Break,” A Movie From Riley Grunenwald

A gorgeous stretch of the Wild Coast is the object of a standoff between corrupt pro-mining forces interested in mining the local beach sand for titanium, and a South African coastal community. The drama is structured around two diametrically opposed protagonists. A film review by Variety.


How much does groundwater contribute to sea level rise?

Groundwater extraction and other land water contribute about three times less to sea level rise than previous estimates, according to a new study. The study does not change the overall picture of future sea level rise, but provides a much more accurate understanding of the interactions between water on land, in the atmosphere, and the oceans.


Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon, Southeast Iceland; By Brock Hesselsweet

Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon, Southeast Iceland, is an image from Brock Hesselsweet.


Captain Sams Spit, Kiawah Island; By Cecelia Dailey

Since 2008, concerned citizens and environmental organizations have opposed the development of Captain Sams Spit, Kiawah Island, South Carolina.

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