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Salty water causes some freshwater harmful algae to release toxins

The finding suggests that understanding the mixing of fresh and salt water, which takes place in many coastal water bodies around the world, will help researchers understand the toxic effects of these harmful algal blooms.

Plastic pollution has increased a hundredfold in remote parts of the South Atlantic

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The amount of plastic debris in the ocean waters of the British islands in the South Atlantic — some of the most remote places on the planet — has increased hundredfold in the last 30 years, according to a new study.

Save Lighthouse Point, a true Bahamian treasure!

Lighthouse Point is one of the last great remaining wilderness places in The Bahamas. Located at the southernmost tip of Eleuthera, it is home to incredibly diverse and unique terrestrial and marine ecosystems as well as cultural and historic resources. Unfortunately, this outstanding Bahamian treasure is at risk of being lost to externally-driven, large-scale commercial development.

These 10 companies are flooding the planet with throwaway plastic

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Nine months, six continents, 239 cleanup events, and more than 187,000 pieces of trash later, we now have the most comprehensive snapshot to date of how corporations are contributing to the global plastic pollution problem.

The global climate refugee crisis has already begun; By Orrin H. Pilkey & Keith C. Pilkey

There are a couple of reasons why climate change is creating a new category of refugee.

NC beach homes and coast are ‘doomed’ and residents need to get out, scientist says

There’s a “disaster” approaching North Carolina’s coast, and it’s not a hurricane. It’s an increasingly encroaching sea, Orrin Pilkey says.

A look at the billions of dollars behind beach renourishment: Is it worth it?

More than $433 million has been spent on renourishing South Carolina beaches between 1954 and 2015.

This floating pipe is trying to clean up all the plastic in the ocean

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A 2,000 foot-long floating pipe nicknamed Wilson is about to start its mission to collect all the plastic in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Miami meteorologist John Morales is looking for higher ground

Weathercasters like Morales are becoming indispensable interpreters of a more chaotic, violent environment. Climate change remains taboo for many meteorologists, who often misunderstand climate science and shy away from a topic that, particularly in conservative states, is seen as political.

Why Durban only got two Blue Flag beaches

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Durban was the first South African city to implement the international Blue Flag program.

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