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Sea level rise will disproportionately hit U.S. this century, NOAA warns

Global sea level rise is unfolding at a stunning pace, and a new report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) says the U.S. will find itself directly in the crosshairs. Over the coming decades, some parts of the nation’s coastline will be hit harder than others.

A Guide to the best beaches in Africa

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Africa has some of the finest beaches in the world. A serious traveller or beachgoer should visit at least one of Africa’s wonderful beaches once in their lifetime.

See Jersey Shore beach erosion damage from nor’easter

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Officials in Jersey Shore towns up and down the coast woke up to a familiar sight early Tuesday after a nasty nor’easter churned up the coast: eroded beaches.

New England’s 1816 ‘Mackerel Year’ and climate change today

Scientists recount their many-layered, multidisciplinary investigation into the catastrophic effects of the 1815 eruption of the Indonesian volcano Tambora on coastal fish and commercial fisheries in the Gulf of Maine. They say the tale may carry lessons for intertwined human-natural systems facing climate change around the world today.

California Announces New Emission Targets As Trump Enters White House

California officials formally proposed a new goal on Friday to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 40 percent by 2030, compared with 1990 levels — just minutes after Trump was inaugurated and mention of climate change was removed from the White House website.

21 Best Beaches in the World

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Ask true beach lovers to name a favorite swath of surf and sand, and the answer changes with the tides. Luckily our planet is covered in oceans, seas, and lakes, which means there’s a beach to indulge any whim. From pearly crescents covered in shells to turquoise bays teeming with Skittles-colored fish, they’re not all created equal.

Shifting sands: Santa Cruz, scientists, Boardwalk fighting battle against erosion

Millions of people come to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk each year to body surf, enjoy the rides or simply soak up the California sun. But few of them notice the dramatic, relentless changes in the city’s coastline that are wreaking havoc on the beloved amusement park.

New regional sea level scenarios help communities prepare for risks

Sea level rise is occurring worldwide, but not at the same rate everywhere. Differences will also likely continue in the future, so decision-makers need local information to assess their community’s vulnerability.

Trump Just Deleted Obama’s Climate Change Webpages

At the exact hour when the presidency transferred hands, the Obama administration’s climate and energy webpages became some of the first casualties of the new Trump administration.

Video Captures the Violent Act of Coral Bleaching

The video revealed for the first time how the mushroom coral Heliofungia actiniformis, which is a single polyp, physically reacts to heat stress. The results gave scientists more information about how corals will respond to warming seas that are associated with climate change.

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