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Is Ancient 800-ft Megatsunami Wave a Sign of Things to Come?


Off the west coast of Africa, scientists have found evidence that tens of thousands of years ago a collapsing volcano sparked a megatsunami producing waves up to 800 feet high. The tsunami raises questions over whether such a collapse poses a threat to people living on volcanic islands today.


Escaping the Waves: a Fijian Village Relocates, a Video

Sailosi Ramatu, headman of Vunidogoloa in Fiji, takes us to visit his old home, one of the first villages in the world to relocate due to rising sea levels caused by climate change. “When many understand climate change in concept but not through personal experience, this exhibit carries great weight…”


Life-Threatening Flooding Expected in East Coast States, West of Hurricane Joaquin


Relentless onshore winds and potentially unprecedented rainfall will lead to a double whammy of freshwater and oceanwater flooding over the next several days for many states on the U.S. East Coast, despite the fact that all of those states will be well west of Hurricane Joaquin as it follows a track several hundred miles offshore over the Atlantic.


Australia: South Coast Beach Erosion Worse Than Predicted

Erosion, News

Researchers say coastal erosion is likely to be more extreme in future because of El Nino and La Nina influences.


Major Corporations Taking Climate Change Threat More Seriously – Survey

More companies are making climate change one of their top sustainability priorities, according to a survey released this week by nonprofit Business for Social Responsibility.


Record Number of Seals Are Dying On California Shores

Along California’s coast, an increasing number of endangered Guadalupe fur seals have died after stranding themselves on shore. Since January, almost 80 dead fur seals have been found in the area, leading the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to declare an “Unusual Mortality Event” (UME).


Many Atolls May be Uninhabitable Within Decades Due to Climate Change

A new study shows that the combined effect of storm-induced wave-driven flooding and sea level rise on island atolls may be more severe and happen sooner than previous estimates of inundation predicted by passive “bathtub” modeling for low-lying atoll islands, and especially at higher sea levels forecasted for the future due to climate change.


Study: Polluted Runoff Reaches Beaches, NC

Septic tanks and bird droppings contribute to the stew of pollutants that pour into the ocean during and after storms on the Outer Banks, but measures to remediate the toxic flow could prove to be costly and difficult.


Joaquin Strengthens to Category 4, Batters Bahamas


Hurricane Joaquin strengthened into a Category 4 storm on Thursday as it roared through lightly populated islands of the eastern Bahamas, and forecasters said it could grow still more intense before following a path that would near the U.S. East Coast.


Morocco; By Santa Aguila Foundation

Morocco, is an image from Santa Aguila Foundation.

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