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Coastal Scenery Evaluation and Management; A Book By Nelson Rangel-Buitrago

Coastal Scenery Evaluation and Management, describes an easy to apply methodology to determine the scenic value of a coast. As one of the most critical aspects of beach user choice, the determination of coastal area scenic quality is of primordial importance.


Blue Economy Movement Gains Traction in Africa

Ahead of the upcoming Sustainable Blue Economy Conference, that will be co-host by Kenya and Canada this November, economic experts are optimistic that the Blue Economy movement – which is about sustainable exploitation of oceans, seas, rivers and lakes – is gaining traction.

A running list of how Trump is changing the environment

The Trump administration’s tumultuous presidency has brought a flurry of changes—both realized and anticipated—to U.S. environmental policy. Many of the actions roll back Obama-era policies that aimed to curb climate change and limit environmental pollution, while others threaten to limit federal funding for science and the environment.

Deep-diving scientists say shallow reefs can’t rely on twilight zone systems for recovery

A team of highly trained scientific divers explored Pacific and western Atlantic reefs to test a widely held hypothesis that climate-stressed life from shallow reefs can take refuge at mesophotic depths.The results are clear: deep and shallow reefs are different systems with their own species, and deep reefs are just as threatened by climate impacts, storms, and pollution.

Why This U.S. Climate Scientist Is Leaving Trump’s America for France

With the Trump administration spurning efforts to combat global warming, the French government has invited U.S. scientists to bring their climate research to France.

Coastal residents need to set aside money now to cope with future flooding

Sea-level rise is a national economic insecurity. According to the National Ocean Service, 39 percent of the U.S. population in 2010 lived in counties that are on shorelines.

Surrendering to rising seas

Coastal communities struggling to adapt to climate change are beginning to do what was once unthinkable: retreat

More category 5 hurricanes forecasted by scientists

Researchers have learned from studying 2012’s Hurricane Sandy, that we are more likely to see larger, more powerful hurricanes in the future. Hurricanes are becoming stronger and wetter due to rising sea and air temperatures.

Lava from the Kilauea volcano has added nearly 700 acres to Hawaii’s Big Island


The island has grown by nearly 700 acres, the equivalent of more than 500 football fields.

How foreign kelp surfed to Antarctica


A research team has found the first proof that Antarctica is not isolated from the rest of the Earth, with the discovery that foreign kelp had drifted 20,000 kilometers before surfing to the continent’s icy shores.

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