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This Company Turns Plastic Bottle Trash From The Ocean Into Clothing

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The New York City-based startup, Bionic Yarn, turns used old plastic bottles, some of which were recovered from ocean shorelines, and turns them into yarns and fabrics for clothing.


7 Reasons Tulum Should Be Your Magical Next Trip


Tulum, that leafy green wonderland on Mexico’s Caribbean coast, also offers off-the-beaten path adventures you may not have heard about… and here’s why you should visit Tulum, for reals.


US emissions set to miss 2025 target in Paris climate change deal, research finds

Even if US implements emissions-cutting proposals it could still overshoot target by nearly 1bn tonnes of greenhouse gases, according to scientific study. “We need to do more as a nation and globally to reduce emissions – we need fundamental changes in how we get and use energy.”


Study: Earth now the warmest it’s been in 120,000 years

New study paints a picture of an Earth that is warmer than it has been in about 120,000 years, and is locked into eventually hitting its hottest mark in more than 2 million years.


Iconic natural arch collapses on Moroccan beach

Erosion, News

They were among Morocco’s best-known natural wonders: two immense rock archways towering over Legzira beach on the Atlantic coast. But on Friday afternoon one of them collapsed.


Coastal Sand is Being Depleted, and It’s Taking Our Beaches With It

News, Sand Mining

While conservationists champion the reduction of the world’s resources, one important material right at our toes has gone largely unnoticed. Coastal sands are being heavily mined, diminishing the world’s beaches.


Not all bioplastics are created equal

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Conventional plastics are seen as environmentally unfriendly because they’re made from fossil fuels. However, as plastic production grows, plant-derived polyethylene terephthalate (BioPET) has been touted as a more environmentally friendly alternative to PET, a plastic primarily used in beverage bottles. But a new study suggests that’s not always the case.


Underwater Mediterranean algae forests, threatened by human activity impact

C. zosteroides, a brown alga of the order Fucale, is a species that creates dense underwater forests that create habitat, protection and food for the marine organisms. It is also one of the most sensitive algae species, under the environmental and anthropogenic impacts in the Mediterranean.


Can killer robots save ocean ecosystems?

Few predators can match the devastating impact of the lion fish. Since arriving in US waters in the 1980s, these fearsome creatures have left a trail of destruction along the Atlantic Coast, from Rhode Island to Venezuela. Lionfish can reduce a flourishing coral reef to barren wasteland in a matter of weeks.


France Becomes First Country To Ban Plastic Cups And Dishes

News, Pollution

According to The Associated Press, France has become the first country in the world to ban disposable, plastic cups and dishes. Businesses have been given until Jan. 1, 2020 to comply with the measure.

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