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A Judicial Affirmation of the Public’s Common Law Right to Use All of North Carolina’s Dry-sand Beaches


In Nies v. Town of Emerald Isle, Nov. 17, 2015, the North Carolina Court of Appeals unqualifiedly held that the “ocean beaches of North Carolina … are subject to public trust rights.” Until this decision, no North Carolina court opinion directly addressed the question of whether all dry-sand beaches of the State were, in fact, open to public use.


Supreme Court’s Blow to Emissions Efforts May Imperil Paris Climate Accord

The Supreme Court’s surprise decision Tuesday to halt President Obama’s climate change regulation could weaken or even imperil the international global warming accord reached with great ceremony in Paris less than two months ago.


Penang’s land reclamation may harm coastal communities, Malaysia

Environmental NGO says such projects could also harm the environment and cause erosion, as well as loss of coastal resources.


Californians Fight Over Whether Coast Should Be Rugged or Refined

The California Coastal Commission, created 45 years ago, has been one of the most powerful governmental agencies in the nation, with sweeping powers to determine what gets built, or does not get built, on the 1,100 miles of cliffs, mountains and beaches along the Pacific Ocean. It has mediated the often clashing agendas of two of the most influential forces that help to define this state: environmentalism and the drive for growth.


Winter Storm Brings Coastal Flooding To Parts Of Tri-State Area


Parts of the Jersey shore, Long Island and New York City are experiencing more flooding Tuesday as winter weather returns to the area.


World’s largest concentrated solar plant switches on in the Sahara

Morocco has switched on what will be the world’s largest concentrated solar power plant. The new site near the city of Ourrzazate, could produce enough energy to power over one million homes by 2018 and reduce carbon emissions by an estimated 760,000 tons per year.


Living Shorelines: Better Than Bulkheads

More than 14,000 miles – 14 percent of continental U.S. coastline — has been armored with hardened structures. Hardened structures cause elevated rates of erosion on the shoreward side of the structure.


Human-made underwater sound may have wider ecosystem effects than previously thought

Underwater sound linked to human activity could alter the behaviour of seabed creatures that play a vital role in marine ecosystems, according to new research.


Blowing In The Wind? Spending Millions On Disappearing San Diego Beach Sand

Erosion, Inform

All up and down the San Diego coast, sand, particularly in North County, has disappeared from the beaches. A radio interview of Gary Griggs, Director, Institute of Marine Sciences, UC Santa Cruz, on KPBS News.


Taiwan 6.4 earthquake hits city of Tainan


A 6.4 magnitude struck southern Taiwan in the early hours of Saturday morning. The quake was shallow, so its effects would have been amplified, the US Geological Survey (USGS) said.

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