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Dr. Beach’s top 10 U.S. beaches for 2016


Hawaii took two of the top 10 spots in the annual rankings, but Florida had the most beaches listed with three. North Carolina, Massachusetts, California, New York and South Carolina each had one beach in the top 10.


Small offshore oil spills put seabirds at risk

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Chronic pollution from many small oil spills may have greater population-level impacts on seabirds than a single large spill, suggest researchers.


The Wrong Climate for Damming Rivers, Video

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Though large hydropower projects are often presented as a “clean and green” source of energy, nothing could be further from the truth.


Biologist urges action on illegal sand mining, Antigua

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A local marine biologist is urging the authorities to take a firmer stance on the crime of sand mining at beaches across the Antigua & Barbuda.


Microplastic pollution of the beaches of Guanabara Bay, Southeast Brazil

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Guanabara Bay, in southeastern Brazil, has been identified as one of the most polluted environments on the Brazilian coastline, mainly due to the presence of heavy metals and hydrocarbons.


UN Environment Assembly opens in Nairobi aiming to ensure ‘healthy planet, with healthy people’

Hundreds of key global decision-makers are gathering in Kenya today for the second United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA-2 ), aiming to tackle some of the most critical issues facing our planet, from the air pollution that kills millions of people every year to an illegal trade in wildlife that is pushing species to the brink of extinction.


Premature Deaths from Environmental Degradation Threat to Global Public Health, UNEP Report Says

Danger posed by air pollution, chemicals, microplastics, zoonotic diseases and other environmental threats to human health revealed in series of reports released at second United Nations Environment Assembly.


Biodegradable plastic ‘false solution’ for ocean waste problem

News, Pollution

Biodegradable plastic water bottles and shopping bags are a false solution to the ubiquitous problem of litter in the oceans, the UN’s top environmental scientist has warned, speaking at the the UN environment assembly in Nairobi, where 170 countries are meeting and expected to pass a resolution on microplastics later this week.


Sudden shifts in the course of a river on a delta may be predicted

Scientists studying deltas show how they may be able to predict where destructive avulsions– where the flow of water through a delta changes its course – may occur. Many river delta systems are drowning because of rising sea levels. This could push avulsions farther upstream placing more and more communities in jeopardy, making an avulsion predicting tool even more vital.


Cyclone Roanu: Half a million flee in Bangladesh


Cyclone Roanu has pounded coastal areas of Bangladesh, forcing half a million people to flee their homes. It made landfall at noon local time (06:00 GMT) on Saturday, causing floods, landslides and submerging homes.

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