Coastal Care

Our mission is to raise awareness of and mobilize people against the ongoing decimation of coastlines and oceans around the world.

Day: December 7, 2014

Sloat Erosion Campaign; West Coast of San Francisco

Sloat Erosion Campaign; West Coast of San Francisco

Due to coastal erosion, the Sloat shoreline is in a state of blight. Surfrider San Francisco, is working to restore the beach at Sloat Blvd., and advocating a plan of managed retreat and relocation of infrastructure away from the ocean.

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Protect the World’s Deltas

Protect the World’s Deltas

The rich delta ecosystem and the services it provides, storm protection, nutrient and pollution removal and carbon storage, are being destroyed. Worldwide deltas are on course to drown, starved of sediment by dams and dikes, and fragmented by economic development. Rising seas compound the sediment crisis.

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Plastic Pollution

Sand Wars – United Nations-GEA

Sand Mining Detrimental Effects

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NASA – Fly along with NASA’s fleet of Earth science missions and observe Earth from a global perspective in an immersive, 3-D environment.

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