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Duncan’s Bay Residents Still Livid Despite OPM’s Defence Of Sand-Mining Approval, Jamaica

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Residents of Duncan’s Bay in Trelawny remain upset over the recent decision by Prime Minister Andrew Holness to grant an environmental permit for mining and quarrying beach sand in their community.

Third-hottest June puts 2017 on track to make hat-trick of hottest years

Last month was the third-hottest June on record globally, temperature data suggest, confirming 2017 will almost certainly make a hat-trick of annual climate records, with 2015, 2016 and 2017 being the three hottest years since records began.

The Greater Caribbean Raises Funds to Protect its Sandy Coasts

Almost no Caribbean beach escapes erosion, a problem that scientific sources describe as extensive and irreversible in these ecosystems of high economic interest, that work as protective barriers for life inland.

25 of Africa’s best beaches

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From the wind-tickled shores of the Seychelles to the haunting, seal-dappled coast of Namibia, the continent’s sandy fringe is varied and dramatic. Here’s a small sample of Africa’s best beaches.

Why Japan’s coastal zones might be disappearing due to climate change

Climate change can cause a range of effects on coastal environments, such as a decrease in sediment supply, changes in the intensity and frequency of extreme events, and changes in sea levels and wave climate. The estimation of changes due to climate change is a major issue for future coastal management decisions.

Heritage at Risk: How Rising Seas Threaten Ancient Coastal Ruins

The shores of Scotland’s Orkney Islands are dotted with ruins that date to the Stone Age. But after enduring for millennia, these archaeological sites – along with many others from Easter Island to Jamestown – are facing an existential threat from climate change.

From Myanmar to Mumbai: your images of plastic waste around the world

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Readers document the rising environmental crisis of plastic waste, as the planet struggles to cope with a million plastic bottles being sold every minute…

Should popular St. Maarten jet-watching spot be closed after tourist’s death?


A deadly accident involving a powerful blast from a jet engine has led to calls for tourists to stay away from a popular beach on the Caribbean island of St. Maarten.

Coastal Commission approves agreement to close last beach sand mining operation in mainland U.S.

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The California Coastal Commission on Thursday unanimously approved an agreement to end the mining of beach sand in Monterey County — the last operation of its type in the mainland United States.

Giant iceberg splits from Antarctic

One of the biggest icebergs ever recorded has just broken away from Antarctica.

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